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Teacher training and coaching play a critical role in the implementation of ABC Support. The effectiveness of ABC Support hinges, in part, on the extent to which teachers can implement the intervention with a satisfactory level of fidelity.

Currently, training in the use of ABC Support focuses on implementation with individual students because a one-on-one format has undergone experimental evaluation. Although implementation varies slightly between individual and small-group formats, the intervention components are the same. Therefore, it is expected that teachers will be able to successfully implement ABC Support with small groups of students following training and practice with a one-on-one format.

The ABC Support training model incorporates two complementary processes that are essential for promoting effective implementation: (a) training through which teachers acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to implement ABC Support; and (b) coaching through which coaches provide ongoing feedback and support as teachers implement ABC Support in their classrooms. The Teacher Training and Coaching Manual (PDF) and accompanying PowerPoint slides (accessible from this website: Day 1 (PDF), Day 2 (PDF)) provide guidelines for training and supporting teachers to implement the ABC Support intervention with fidelity. They are intended for use by school staff who typically provide school-wide teacher training and support, such as learning coordinators, school psychologists, or instructional coaches.

Alternately, teachers can learn to implement ABC Support on their own by following the training procedures detailed in the manual (PDF) and self-guided training slides (46MB, PPT). This self-guided training option also requires the use of the annotated ABC Support training video (“intervention implementation” video) and the Practice Scoring Passage Reading video below and accompanying materials (accessible from this website).

Training Videos

Intervention Implementation

Here is a demonstration of the intervention being implemented with a single student. You can follow along in the manual as you watch this video.

Practice Scoring Passage Reading

This is a demonstration video of an interventionist providing instructions for the reading passage and scoring errors as the student reads. You can follow along by tracking/scoring the errors on these three passages: Grandma and Grandpop (Word); Old Peach Tree (Word); The Plane (Word)