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To date, feasibility trials and an experimental pilot study have been conducted; this research demonstrates promising positive effects of the ABC Support intervention when implemented with individual students.

Pre-publication drafts of reports of these studies with citation information will be forthcoming. In addition, the research team has prepared several brief research reports (linked to this page) detailing descriptive analyses and procedural aspects of our evaluation of ABC Support, such as fidelity of implementation, cost analysis, and inter-rater reliability.

Our hope is that other educators will implement ABC Support with individual students or small groups of students in their schools and communities. We are making available to intervention researchers a copy of the ABC Support Measurement Manual (PDF). The manual provides a comprehensive measurement plan as a framework for evaluating ABC Support. The plan involves the use of multiple types of measurement procedures to be implemented prior to, during, and following the intervention period. In addition, the rationale and use of specific measurement procedures are explained, followed by a detailed description and illustration of all measures. Research citations are included for each measurement approach. If you implement and complete an evaluation of ABC Support, please share your results and feedback with Maribeth Gettinger, Principal Investigator, at